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Spine and Back Conditions

At Children’s Hospital Colorado, our pediatric orthopedic specialists evaluate and treat all types of spine and back conditions.

Experts at our Spine Program see infants, children, adolescents and young adults with spinal diseases, deformities and injuries, ranging from common back pain to complex neuromuscular disease and trauma.

Common symptoms

Back pain
Back pain is pain felt anywhere in the back, from the neck to the low back. It is very common in growing children and adolescents. Fortunately the majority of back injuries are related to the body’s muscles, and doctors at our Spine Program are able to treat them conservatively, usually without surgery.

Common conditions

Kyphosis comes from the Greek word for "hunchbacked." This condition is characterized by a curvature of the spine that is best seen from the side. At The Spine Program, our doctors help treat all three types of kyphosis: postural, Scheuermann’s and congenital.

Scoliosis is an abnormal curve in the spine that often appears as a child is experiencing a growth spurt. Your child’s pediatric orthopedic specialist at the Spine Program will help your family determine the best treatment plan for your child based on his or her age, type and degree of scoliosis.

Spina bifida
Spina bifida is a birth defect that occurs when the bones of the spine (vertebrae) do not form properly around part of the baby’s spinal cord. Your child’s team of specialists at the Spine Program will work together to individualize testing and treatment based on the type of spina bifida your child has: occulta, meningocele and myelomeningocele.

Spondylolysis is a condition that occurs when a child or young athlete sustains a stress fracture to one of the vertebrae of the spine. Treatment for spondylolysis at our Spine Program is almost always conservative in nature, and our doctors aim to treat and diagnose spondylolysis early, before it may develop into a condition known as spondylolisthesis.

Spondylolisthesis occurs when there is a slip of the vertebra where a vertebrae stress fracture (spondylolysis) has previously occurred. From minor to more complex spondylolisthesis, our goal is to always provide the safest and most effective treatments, often beginning with non-surgical options.

Other spine conditions

Because we diagnose and treat so many types of spine and back symptoms and conditions – even the very rare ones – some of them might not be listed on this website. Please call us for information about other conditions or to schedule an appointment: 720-777-6600.

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