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Orthopedics Institute

Full Body and Neuromuscular Conditions

At Children’s Hospital Colorado, our pediatric experts treat all orthopedic conditions from head to toe. From common things like growing pains, to more complex conditions like cerebral palsy, our team is here to take care of your child’s full body and neuromuscular needs.

Common symptoms

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Growing pains
“Growing pain” is a term used for common, harmless muscle pains that usually happen at night. After our orthopedic doctors determine that you child’s pain is not the result of a more serious condition, growing pains are usually treated conservatively.

Common conditions

Bone tumors
If you suspect your child has a bone tumor, or your primary care doctor refers you to the Orthopedic Oncology Program at Children’s Colorado, our first step is to determine if the tumor is benign (a non-cancerous bone tumor that does not spread) or malignant. We’ll then develop a treatment plan unique to your child’s condition and bone tumor.

Broken bones
Broken bones (also called bone fractures) are a common injury in kids, teens and young athletes. There are several different types of fractures, which affect the way doctors at Children’s Colorado will treat your child’s broken bone.

Cerebral palsy (CP)
Cerebral palsy is a group of chronic (long-lasting) conditions affecting body movement, posture and muscle coordination. Although there is no cure for cerebral palsy, treatment, training and therapy from the experts at our internationally-renowned Cerebral Palsy Program can help improve your child’s function and quality of life.

Movement disorders
Movement disorders affect the way a child’s body moves and can include too much or too little movement, or coordination problems. If we suspect your child has a movement disorder, we’ll refer you to the Pediatric Movement Disorders Clinic at Children’s Colorado, which is broken down into two subspecialty clinics: The Tic, Tone & Tremor Clinic and the Complex Movement Clinic.

Spasticity and tone
Spasticity is a type of increased tone (spastic muscles that are tense and resist movement). Spasticity can be a long-term effect of conditions where the brain and/or spinal cord are damaged or fail to develop normally, such as cerebral palsy. Although there is no cure, specialists from our Rehabilitation Program, Cerebral Palsy Program and Surgical Tone Clinic will work together to help manage your child’s spasticity.

Other conditions we treat

Because we diagnose and treat so many orthopedic and neuromuscular symptoms and conditions – even the very rare ones – some of them might not be listed on this website. Please call us for more information or to schedule an appointment: 720-777-6600.

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