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At Children's Hospital Colorado, we're committed to helping you keep your kids healthy and safe. That’s why our pediatric experts have created free resources, and provided valuable tips and advice, for parents and caregivers on trending topics.


A girl coughing into her arm

Types of coughs in children

Coughs help the body fight infection, but they can occasionally be a sign of more concerning problems. How can you tell?

Read more to learn about the sounds coughs make

A mom and her daughter sit together.

Parenting articles, advice and tips

Get advice from the trusted experts at Children's Hospital Colorado across a variety of topics including behavior, sleep tips and nutrition.

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A teenager swims in a lane pool wearing a swim cap and goggles.

Sports medicine articles for parents and coaches

Whether you're an athlete, coach or parent of an athlete, we have the sports advice you need. From nutrition that fuels you for the game to information on how to treat concussions, our sports medicine experts are here to help.

Read sports advice from our experts

Talk to a nurse

Call our free ParentSmart HealthlineTM to speak with an experienced pediatric nurse 24/7.

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Check a symptom

Search our conditions to better understand what your child's medical symptoms could mean.

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